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Outloud! Productions exists to produce and manage multi-sport events in the Greater Houston area. Our primary focus is to present first class events that promote fitness, encourage participation by participants and volunteers, and provide a showcase for the communities of the Houston area. We are committed to providing safe, fun, and high-quality events that ensure satisfaction and encourage further participation in our races and other multi-sport events in the region.

Here's what's going on in 2019:

November 3, 2019 Oil Man Texas Triathlon La Torretta Del Lago Resort in Montgomery, TX (Conroe)


As many of you may have seen recently in the news, La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa has been acquired by a new owner, Songy Highroads and The Wampold Companies. As a result of extensive renovations and enhancements to the resort, Songy Highroads and The Wampold Companies will temporarily close La Torretta on June 4, 2019. The golf course will remain open.

Given the complexity and extent of the renovations, they anticipated that remaining open would be too disruptive to their guests and group clients. Plans for redevelopment will be finalized shortly and construction could begin as early as a few months. The property will be rebranded to the first Margaritaville Resort in Texas.

Unfortunately for us, it means we are unable to host Oilman 2019. This will be the first time in 16 years we have been unable to hold the event. We are hopeful that Oilman will return in 2020. We apologize for having to postpone our most favorite event. This has come as quite a shock to us as you can imagine.

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress and possibility of the event in 2020. You have been so supportive of Oilman Texas over the last 16 years and we are so very grateful for the many amazing years of racing there.

Thank you,

Greg Pennington

Race Director

Oilman Texas